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About Sixela J. Gourmet

Sixela J. Gourmet's vision is to give our clients unique corporate & private dinner experiences using a variety of natural herbs, local produce, and custom spices to keep you booking us time and time again!


The ultimate goal is to have a "garden to plate" eatery & drinkery (Brick & Mortar). Here, we will introduce our customers to a variety of delicious entrees, and cocktails to excite and heighten their palettes! Until then, we intend on capturing your taste buds one dish at a time!

Sixela J., the Owner and Executive Chef has a passion for cooking and providing "next level" dinner experiences using only the finest herbs and spices. She has over 20+ years experience cooking, as she was a caretaker for family since a young age. This is where her passion for cooking was ignited, and Sixela J. Gourmet was birthed.

We offer a variety of meal prep, catering and private dinner options! Before booking, feel free to contact us for a brief consultation, to customize and ensure all of your needs are met!



A portion of ALL of our membership fees go towards feeding and providing for the needy! Due to our customers & members support, we were able to feed several homeless men & woman most recently on 12/04/2021 in the metro Cincinnati area! Join the cause while enjoying new flavors and experience from Sixela J. Enterprises!

Meat and Cheese Board

From the Press


Walls of Wellness Owner

“We love Sixela J. Gourmet so much, they cater ALL our events!”


Shaun James - Clutch Radio Host

“That infused dinner party changed my LIFE! I can not wait to go to another one!”


The Food Reporter

“Sixela J. Gourmet brings a fresh, and eccentric flare to modern upscale cuisine!

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